Russia completed development of a highly effective combined vaccine

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Microgen, a subsidiary of Nacimbio (part of Rostec Corporation), completed development of combined vaccine against measles, rubella and mumps. Vactrivir will be the first Russian combined drug providing protection against three dangerous diseases.

It will be used under the National Immunization Schedule for free disease prevention and also supplied for exports. This innovative product is a live culture vaccine completely produced in Russia. Following the registration procedure, it will be used to immunize children aged from 12 months to 6 years old. It is expected that the new drug will be registered in Russia in 2019.

“Development of Russian drugs to substitute imported pharmaceutical products is a strategic objective. In this case, we are not just creating an analog, but working on improving the efficacy of medicines. According to studies on vaccinated patients, our new product induced production of antibodies at the level 95-98%,” said Oleg Yevtushenko, Executive Director of Rostec Corporation.

Vactrivir has successfully passed preclinical and clinical studies, which confirmed its safety and therapeutic efficacy. In particular, the studies demonstrated high tolerability and safety of the drug not only in adult volunteers, but also in children based on a 42-day observation period after the administration of vaccine.

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