Results of the 2nd All-Russian Inter-University GxP Summit

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The results of the 2nd All-Russian Inter-University GxP Summit with international participation “Selecting the Best: Time Forward” were summed up on July 6 in Sochi.

The event was attended by undergraduate and graduate students from leading specialized medical universities in Russia, CIS, South Asia, and Europe. Over the past few years, the pharmaceutical industry in Russia has experienced a particularly intensive development. Today, it brings together the specialists in the areas of biology, chemistry, physics, genetics, and many other sciences. An impressive support to the summit was provided by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation and FBI SID&GP.

During the summit, an independent expert council including leading experts of the pharmaceutical industry evaluated more than 130 test papers and case problems completed by the participants. Names of the authors were not revealed to the experts, and they did not know what university was represented by a particular participant. All participants of the summit worked in equal conditions, and all undergraduate and graduate students representing the same university were included in different competition groups.

High level of knowledge and skills demonstrated by the students was appreciated by Vladislav Shestakov, the chairman of the expert council and Director of FBI SID&GP, who said:

“There are works representing serious research, creative papers with an unusual view of the problems faced by the industry and proposals to address them. These are not just student papers, but the point of view of future specialists in modern pharmaceutical industry.”

Students received prizes from organizers, as well as from largest Russian and international pharmaceutical companies, such as MSD, an international company, R-Pharm, a major pharmaceutical company, and Nativa, an innovative company.

“We are very pleased that, this year, not only students from Russia but also students coming from CIS member states and other countries showed their interest in our summit.  Once again we were convinced that true professionals, future engineers, employees of modern pharmaceutical facilities are not bound by geography, economic factors or political constrains,” said Tatiana Ryabko, the head of Guiding Star, a charity foundation.

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