Pre-clinical studies of the Russian-Vietnamese drug started

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Scientists of the Komi Scientific Center of the Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences and the Russian-Vietnamese Tropical Research and Technology Center have begun pre-clinical studies of the drug improving performance and resistance to stress originating from the tropical plants extracts, said Svetlana Volodina, Cand. Sc. (Biology).

“It was a mutual interest of Russian and Vietnamese scientists to find in the flora of Vietnam plants with a high content of phytoecdysteroids – substances using which it is possible to develop medications able to increase efficiency and immunity, resistance to stress and such harmful factors as, for example, radiation, which is favorable for professional longevity and longevity of people. The project is planned until 2020, now we have started preclinical studies and work on licensing documentation, ” said the biotechnologist of the Komi Science Center, which recently received the status of a federal research institute.

The scientific group under the leadership of Vladimir Volodin, Doctor of Biological Sciences, has studied biologically active plant substances (phytoecdysteroids) for more than 20 years. They analyzed hundreds of plant species from the Subpolar and Southern Urals, the North Caucasus, the Far East, and in 2015 the scientific group received an invitation from Vietnamese colleagues to conduct joint research.

During work in Vietnam, a high content of phytoecdysteroids was found in herbaceous cyathula and chaff-flower, in the leaves of the Sida Rombofolia, in bark and young leaves of the genus Vitextrees.