PIK-PHARMA localized full-cycle manufacturing of Magnerot

| By | Drug Manufacturing, Localization, PIK-PHARMA

PIK-PHARMA has successfully localized full-cycle manufacturing of Magnerot, a popular drug of WÖRWAG Pharma GmbH from Germany, at the facilities of PIK-PHARMA LEK site.

Joint efforts of process engineers of PIK-PHARMA LEK in the Belgorod region and PIK-PHARMA managers in Moscow brought Magnerot closer to Russian consumers. More than a million packages a year of 500 mg No. 50 tablets, the most popular dosage form of the drug in the Russian market, are now fully manufactured in Russia in accordance with GMP standards.

PIK-PHARMA and PIK-PHARMA LEK team saw its objective in accurately reproducing the original formulation of WÖRWAG Pharma and adapting it to specific equipment of the production site.

High-quality and fast transfer of Magnerot manufacturing to PIK-PHARMA LEK site allowed to maintain the current level of drug availability in the retail chains and prevent its shortage in pharmacies.

The medicine is marketed by WÖRWAG Pharma GmbH & Co. KG. PIK-PHARMA and WÖRWAG Pharma will further expand their collaboration to localize a number of drugs produced by the German company.