New scheme for expired drugs utilization is being tested in Minsk

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The container intended for collection of spoiled medicines from the community was installed in one of the outpatient clinics in Minsk, being the first one in Belarus.

The installation of the container was initiated by the Center for Environmental Solutions in cooperation with the Health Committee of the Minsk city authorities with the support of the Coalition Clean Baltic (Sweden).

“The installation of the container was an important step in developing a system for collecting and disposing of expired drugs from the population in our country. After the trials completion it will be possible to apply this experience to other outpatient clinics, districts and cities”, said Natalia Blyshchik, a member of the program on chemical safety and waste of the Center for Environmental Solutions.

As the studies of the last two years have demonstrated, the problem of pollution of the environment with pharmaceutical drugs in Belarus is as important as in the other countries. The sewage waters of large cities of Belarus were found to contain hormonal preparations, antibiotics, anti-inflammatory drugs and many other medicines. The wastewater treatment plants are not able to “catch” small molecules of drugs, so they enter sewage system, rivers and even can be found in drinking water.

“Contamination of drinking water with drug residues can adversely affect the health of the population. For example, hormonal drugs can cause problems of a reproductive system, antibiotics – lead to resistance of microorganisms, and as a result treatment for life-threatening diseases may be ineffective in some individuals, “said Head of the Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry BSMU, Ph.D., associate professor Natalia Yarantseva.