New cyclotron in St. Petersburg will help to develop a novel biomarker

| By | Cancer Drugs, Drug Development, Radiopharmaceuticals

Russia’s first new generation cyclotron (accelerator of particles) intended for manufacturing pharmaceuticals for cancer diagnosis was installed at Dr. Berezin Medical Institute (MIBS) in St. Petersburg.

According to the representative of the Institute, the new instrument will enable production of drugs for examination of about 20 thousand patients a year.

“This is the first new generation device in Russia, as there are only about a dozen of them in the world,” said the representative.

New generation cyclotron was designed by IBA, a Belgian company. In St. Petersburg, it will be used to manufacture fluorine-18 isotope. A new building of nuclear diagnostics center with a total cost of more than 500 million rubles was built in MIBS specifically to accommodate new equipment and perform necessary procedures.

With this Belgian-made unit, the specialists of the Institute now get the radioactive element which is  is then used in manufacturing of the glucose-based drug for intravenous injection. According to the experts, once injected, the drug accumulates in cancer cells. The next step is the computed tomographic identification of the affected organ. This technology allows to perform early diagnosis of cancer which is crucial for its effective treatment.