Mepolizumab for eosinophilic asthma treatment was registered in Russia

| By | Drug Registration, GSK

GSK announced the registration of Nucala (mepolizumab) in the Russian Federation to be used as add-on maintenance treatment for severe eosinophilic asthma in patients over 18 years old.

Nucala is a targeted therapy drug that specifically blocks interleukin-5 (IL-5), which plays an important role in regulating the function of eosinophils, the inflammatory cells involved in the pathogenesis of bronchial asthma and respiratory tract remodeling. Suppression of IL-5 binding helps to reduce the level of eosinophils in the blood, tissues and sputum. The drug is used subcutaneously in a fixed dose of 100 mg at four-week intervals in addition to the ongoing maintenance treatment with high-dose inhaled corticosteroids and the drug(s) for adjunctive maintenance therapy with or without oral corticosteroids.

Tobias Sunderer, Vice President and General Manager of GSK Pharma Russia, said:

“The portfolio of GSK for treatment of respiratory diseases now has a targeted drug intended for use in a specific subgroup of patients with severe bronchial asthma resulting from eosinophilic inflammation. In such patients, the disease is difficult to cure and, so far, the therapy options have been limited. Registration of Nucala, which specifically targets particular links in the chain of pathogenesis of severe bronchial asthma and has a high probability of achieving clinical response, expands the capabilities of medical professionals in Russia in the area of personalized medicine.”

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