Kazakhstan’s Single Distributor will switch to e-procurement of medicines

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At the briefing held in Central Communications Service on July 13, Elzhan Birtanov, the Minister of Health of Kazakhstan, spoke about the issues related to provision of medicines to the people of Kazakhstan, including public procurement of medicinal products by the single distributor.

“I would like to emphasize that the provision of affordable and essential medicines to the people is one of the most important social issues. The analysis of drug provision in Kazakhstan over the past 10 years shows that the range of procured medicinal products expanded 2.5 times and the public financing is up 6.4 times. In the past 5 years, the number of patients receiving medicines paid for from the state budget has increased by almost 15%.

This year, to ensure the efficiency and transparency in the provision of medicines, Kazakhstan centralized the procurement of drugs for outpatient clinics and conducted online broadcasts of procurement procedures. This allowed to save 23 billion tenge of budgetary funds.

Much work has been done to ensure the transparency and efficiency of procurement procedures used by the Single Distributor. An important innovation in the procedures of the Single Distributor in 2019 will be the transition to e-procurement. Currently, we designed a new online portal, which will serve as a platform for procurement of medicines, and SK-Pharmacy will conduct its next procurement in electronic format,” said the Minister.