Kazakhstan will develop personalized medicines

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Richard Barker, the author of world-famous bestseller on breakthrough medicine, presented in Astana the strategy of personalized medicine development for healthy and long life of the people of Kazakhstan.

British professor of innovation at Oxford University and medical advisor to the UK Prime Minister is the scientific leader of the project presented to the people of Kazakhstan.

Richard Barker said that a science and innovation cluster will be established on the basis of the Kazakh National Medical University and the National Biotechnology Center. This cluster will deal with implementation of the innovative biotechnology achievements in the routine practice. The hospital of the medical center of the Administrative Office of the President of Kazakhstan expressed its interest in this project.

Professor Barker said that, in Kazakhstan, the scientists have already conducted the studies and will focus primarily on diseases, which most of all affect the people of Kazakhstan.

He emphasized that, in the near future, the scientists will develop individual medicines for each patient.

“This will not happen tomorrow, but over time. We are planning, first of all, to develop the medicines that will be targeted and directed towards the treatment of particular individual. In other words, we will identify specific characteristics of a particular disease in a particular person and customize the product for that particular person. This is what precision medicine is about,” said the professor.