Kazakhstan added new TB drugs to its list of free medicines

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A number of new innovative drugs were added to the list of free medicines including those for the treatment of tuberculosis. This was announced by the Kazakhstan’s Minister of Health Elzhan Birtanov at a public meeting.

“Most importantly, we have compiled the list of medicines for the next year. It almost didn’t change – we only added a number of new innovative drugs for TB treatment, which ensure almost a 97% efficacy in case of antibiotic-resistant form of the disease,” said Elzhan Birtanov.

He added that, previously, there was no possibility to provide medicines for patients with such a severe form of tuberculosis.

“We received these drugs from an international organization as a humanitarian assistance and could provide them only to one in five patients. These drugs were not even registered in Kazakhstan. But our joint work with the World Health Organization allowed to reach an agreement on direct procurement of these drugs through WHO. Next year, this will allow to provide medicines to 100% of patients with antibiotic-resistant tuberculosis,” said the Minister of Health.

He added that the total number of patients receiving medicines paid by the state increased by 15% in the past 5 years.