Investments in cytostatics production will exceed 3 billion rubles

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The Ryazan region has been interacting with the company “Pharmimex”, which is developing the Skopinpharm production complex in the Skopinsky district. 

The implementation of the investment project is aimed at establishing a new production, which has no analogues in Russia, namely manufacturing of the modern high-tech drugs for the treatment of cancer.

Ryazan has a powerful high-tech clinical base. The region has the leading medical university of the country, which is the guarantor of providing new production facilities with qualified specialists. It also has an effective system for supporting investors at all stages of the project implementation.

Vice-president of PJSC “Pharmimex” Inga Nizharadze noted that the implementation of the investment project is planned until 2021. The total investment volume will exceed 3 billion rubles. As a result, it is planned to create more than 80 high-tech jobs.

“The importance of the project is due to the fact that it is in line with the National Cancer Control Strategy and will promote the development of import substitution and modern production of cytotoxic drugs in the country,” Inga Nizharadze said.