Hong Kong Polytechnic University and Axis create a Joint Center for Immunotherapy

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The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) will join forces with Axis Therapeutics, a newly established joint venture by two global biopharmaceutical companies – Athenex, Inc. and Xiangxue Pharmaceutical, to foster the research and development of translational medicine by setting up a Joint Center for Immunotherapy.

The Center is set to conduct collaborative research on cancer immunotherapy, with an aim to develop new cancer treatments. During the ceremony of setting up the PolyU—Axis Therapeutics Joint Center for Immunotherapy the parties signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU). The MoU was signed by Ir Professor Ping-kong Alexander WAI, Vice President (Research Development) of PolyU; Dr Johnson LAU, Chairman and CEO of Athenex, Inc.; and Mr YongHui WANG, Chairman and CEO of Xiangxue Pharmaceutical and CEO of Xiangxue Life Sciences.

PolyU has made significant progress in contributing towards the biotechnology development in Hong Kong with various ongoing biotechnology and translational medicine projects, including the Respiratory Virus Research Foundation jointly established by PolyU and The University of Hong Kong; the Joint Institute of Translational Medicine established jointly with the government of Banan District of Chongqing City; the life sciences and engineering research and development platform with Fraunhofer Group for Life Sciences; as well as various projects on anti-cancer drug, genomics research and clinical devices. These projects involve the development of multi-potent anti-cancer drug Pegtomarginase, and the Apigenin Flavonoid Dimer which inhibits multidrug resistance (MDR) in cancer cells.

Founded in 2003 and headquartered in New York, Athenex, Inc. is a global clinical stage biopharmaceutical company dedicated to the discovery and development of next-generation cancer drugs.

Founded in 1997 and located in Guangzhou Science City, Guangzhou Economic & Technical Development District, XPH is a high-tech enterprise integrating manufacturing, operation and R&D of products including pharmaceuticals, biological medicine, functional food, Chinese medicines and medical devices. XPH is recognized as one of the pharmaceutical enterprises with most development potential in China.

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