Genetico was accredited by SKOLKOVO Foundation as a Common Use Center

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According to the agreement signed with the SKOLKOVO Foundation, Genetico Center for Genetics and Reproductive Medicine will provide services for genome sequencing (NGS), analysis of single cells and their specific activity, and chromosomal microarray analysis to the residents of Biomed Cluster, as well as perform genetic mutation tests and bioinformatic studies.

The labs of Genetico are equipped with the latest high-throughput sequencers and robotic equipment and enable advanced genetic studies for medicine, genomics, and proteomics.

Genetico Center opened its NGS lab in 2017. Currently, the lab is equipped to perform the fastest and most affordable genome sequencing that can compete in terms of cost with services offered by foreign laboratories. The Center reduced the cost of NGS studies by almost 2.5 times and accelerated the decoding of genome by 3 times cutting it to just a month instead of 90 days.

Dmitry Boguslavsky, Director of Genetico Center, said:

“Common Use Centers are the key elements of research infrastructure. Now, the residents of SKOLKOVO have opportunity to conduct world-class genome and bioinformatics research and do it faster, better and at affordable cost.”