FORT increases its sales of influenza vaccine

| By | FORT, Vaccine Production

In 2018, FORT, a biopharmaceutical company which is part of Marathon Group and Nacimbio (Rostec Corporation), doubled its yoy sales of Ultrex, an influenza vaccine.

Commercial sales of this preventive drug amounted to 765 thousand doses. The vaccine was designed to prevent flu both in children and adults.

The company has already started to manufacture and fill the vaccine. According to the plan, the drug will be supplied to customers by the beginning of prevention season.

Ultrix, the latest-generation trivalent inactivated vaccine, is a proprietary product of Fort. The drug is purchased for immunization in Russia both by state customers and commercial companies. In 2017, FORT manufactured and supplied more than 19.5 million doses of influenza prevention vaccines Ultrix and Sovigripp. This covered 100% of the needs in vaccines for children under the National Immunization Calendar and more than 30% of total needs in influenza vaccines for the entire population of Russia. Since 2015, the plant manufactured almost 30 million doses of influenza vaccines.

Its capacity is 120 million doses of pandemic influenza vaccine a year, 40 million doses of seasonal influenza vaccine, and up to 20 million doses of other antiviral vaccines. The infrastructure of FORT allows to establish new shops in order to localize the manufacturing of vaccines that are not yet produced in Russia. The company plans to implement technology transfer projects to manufacture new vaccines, including those for hemophilus infection, rotavirus, etc.

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