Ferring has discussed cooperation with the government of the Tula region

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On July 5, during their working visit to the Tula region, the representatives of Ferring Pharmaceuticals, an international pharmaceutical company, held talks with the members of the regional government and representatives of Tula Region Development Corporation JSC.

Dmitry Lomovtsev, the Minister of Industry and Fuel and Energy Complex of the Tula region and Director of Industrial Policy Department welcomed the participants of the meeting. He noted that the region is always open for cooperation and new investors, as it provides good prospects for developing pharmaceutical and medical industry, enhancing the mechanisms of support for innovative projects in these sectors.

Grigory Lavrukhin, the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Economic Development of the Tula region, presented the investment potential of the region.

Grigory Lavrukhin described the advantages of the region to potential investors. Today more than 200 companies with foreign participation, including Western capital, are successfully operating in the Tula region. Many of them have been working in the region for more than 15 years which is an evidence for the effectiveness of the regional investment policy.

Klaus Lange, the Director of Ferring Pharmaceuticals for Manufacturing, Implementation of Technologies, Project Management and Engineering, said that the company is developing the innovative methods of treatment and manufactures medicinal products.

In Russia, the company is represented in 35 cities. Its enterprises produce 14 drugs in three therapeutic areas, including assisted reproductive technologies and obstetrics, urology, oncology and gastroenterology.

The company is focused on launching several production lines in Russia to improve the availability of medical care and optimize the cost of patient treatment. Tula region may become a platform for implementing one of these projects.