CRO Pivotal and APRO entered into oncology clinical trial collaboration

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European contract research organisation PIVOTAL and Associació per a la recerca oncològica (APRO), a Spanish pharmaceutical cooperative, have announced a close collaboration in 3 different oncology clinical trials to test new treatment strategies given in an innovative way.

The 3 trials have been recently approved by the Competent Authorities and the corresponding Ethics Committees and have already enrolled their first patient on track as planned.

APRO has joined the list of cooperative groups to forge strategic deals with Contract Research Organisations (CRO) by working closely with PIVOTAL in the execution of these development programmes to study two new drugs, tested in 2 different bladder cancer trials and 1 trial in prostate cancer.

Both drugs, a checkpoint inhibitor and a targeted therapy blocking mTOR pathway, will be combined with chemotherapy, aiming to confirm the hypothesis of a synergistic mechanism of action and, specifically for the immunotherapy drug, an induced treatment-related autovaccination.

APRO has considered PIVOTAL as preferred partner for these 3 ISTs. PIVOTAL’s expertise as a European CRO and its deep knowledge of the European landscape will facilitate rapid patient enrolment into these trials across selected sites and will help them increase operational efficiency, redefining collaboration with comprehensive medical advice and support.

Founded in 2001 and headquartered in Madrid (Spain), Pivotal is a leading full-services CRO offering services to the healthcare industry across Europe.

SOURCE: pivotal
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