Belarus will help to organize pharma manufacturing in Tajikistan


By the end of this year, Belarus and Tajikistan may elaborate a roadmap to establish joint ventures in the pharmaceutical industry, announced Oleg Ivanov, the Ambassador of Belarus in Tajikistan and Afghanistan.

In 2018, the representatives of Belarusian pharmaceutical industry have already visited Tajikistan several times.

“The Tajik side asked not only to increase the supplies of medicines, but also to help organizing some local facilities that involve at least the packaging. This is especially relevant, since there are human resources in that area dating back to the Soviet period,” said Mr. Ivanov, “At the time of the USSR, Dushanbe, the capital of Tajikistan, had several pharmaceutical production facilities. They are closed now, but the sites have been preserved. Business delegations from Belarus visited some of them and selected those that could meet strict quality standards.”

The parties reached a preliminary agreement on the range and amount of medicines that could be manufactured at the joint facilities.

“I hope that, by the end of this year, we will finally determine the technological cycle. So far, we focus primarily on the markets of the nearest neighbors. For countries such as Tajikistan, a WTO member, the issue of certification is fairly important. I think that we will be able to complete certification and provide Belarusian medicines to all interested parties,” commented the Ambassador.

Joint production facilities are being planned with an eye to the Afghan market, which is several times larger than the one in Tajikistan.