Belarus seeks further ways to reduce the cost of drugs

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More than 37% of drugs produced in Belarus cost less than $1. Viktor Shein, Deputy Director of the Department of Pharmaceutical Industry – Head of the Department of Economics and Marketing of the Ministry of Health, made an announcement.

Victor Shein also informed that 22.5% of the produced drugs cost from $1 to $2, 23.7% – from $2 to $5. In general, now the prices of 83% of Belarusian medicines are less than $5.

The deputy director of the department stressed that the prices for medicines in Belarus are planned to be lowered.

According to Shein, when the KGB talked about an inflated price for medicines, it was not about Belarusian medicines, whose share in the domestic market is 53%. Cases are “practically absent” when domestic medicines would be more expensive than imported medicines and for those positions where there was an excess, prices were reduced, the deputy director of the holding added.

He also said that now a “search for substances that will be inexpensive and of high quality” is performed.

“If our colleagues do not increase prices to the upper limit, prices will decline. We take all measures for this. It is unlikely that in any other state there is a greater social orientation in this area of ​​activity, ” Mr. Shein said.