AstraZeneca resumes sales of Nexium in Russia

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AstraZeneca, a biopharmaceutical company, announced that it registered new maximum ex-work prices in Russia for the tablets of Nexium (esomeprazole) included in the List of Vital and Essential Drugs (VED List).

Earlier, the Russian Ministry of Health registered new maximum ex-works price for intravenous form of Nexium (lyophilizate for solution for intravenous injection).

“In any situation, AstraZeneca sees its absolute priority in protecting patients’ interests. We share the government’s concern about the pricing of socially important medicines, and we are open to dialog. In case of Nexium, our priority objective was to restore access to this drug for patients as soon as possible. Finding the way out of this critical situation required prompt changes in the current business model of the company which, in turn, took a lot of effort,” said Irina Panarina, General Director of AstraZeneca Russia & Eurasia.

AstraZeneca has a long history of success in Russia, where it operates since 1993. The company is one of the largest investors in the Russian pharmaceutical market. In 2015, AstraZeneca opened its plant in Kaluga region, which was built from scratch. Total investments in the construction exceeded $224 million.

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