Anima Biotech signs a drug discovery agreement with Lilly

Anima Biotech (USA) announced an agreement with Lilly for the discovery and development of translation inhibitors for several target proteins by using Anima’s Translation Control Therapeutics platform.

The multi-year agreement is structured as an exclusive collaboration around several undisclosed Lilly targets. Anima will use its technology platform to discover lead candidates that are translation inhibitors of the Lilly targets. Lilly will be responsible for clinical development and commercialization of products resulting from the collaboration.

Under the terms of the agreement, Anima will receive $30 million in upfront payments and $14 million in research funding. Anima is eligible to receive up to $1.05 billion if all future development and commercial milestones are achieved.

Anima Biotech is pioneering Translation Control Therapeutics, a new class of drugs that specifically control protein translation as a novel strategy against hard and undruggable targets. Strategically structured for collaborations with multiple pharma partners, Anima’s cloud based platform combines new biology with proprietary image analysis and high performance big data software. Its underlying technology is protected by 5 granted patents and its science is backed by 14 peer-reviewed publications that resulted from a network of 17 academic collaborations. The platform was validated by Anima’s fast growing pipeline programs in multiple therapeutic areas including Fibrosis, Viral infections, Oncology and Neuroscience.

SOURCE: anima biotech
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