Vetter launches the Open Innovation Challenge

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This new campaign, created by Vetter Pharma, the Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization (CDMO), was officially launched at a workshop in Ravensburg (Germany). The purpose of the challenge is to develop innovative, future-focused and sustainable solutions for the injection of medicines that are even better streamlined to user needs than current methods.

Promising ideas emanating from the initiative will be further pursued in the context of Vetter’s innovation process. The challenge consists of multi-disciplinary teams participating in workshops and field-work with the theme ꞌInjection 2.0ꞌ. Four groups comprising a total of 20 participants will include students, medical and economic professionals, and staff from the pharmaceutical service provider itself.

The initiative will apply ꞌDesign Thinkingꞌ, a user-centered innovation method that involves direct communication with actual users of injection systems, including professional caregivers and patients in an effort to create more purposeful injection processes. The campaign will continue until the end of September with the winning team receiving an award of 10,000.

In order to identify sustainable areas of innovation potential, the pharmaceutical service provider incorporates the Design Thinking method. The User-Centered Innovation (UCI) approach is based on direct integration of users from the first day of development work. For example, in the first field-work phase, participating teams will interview patients, doctors and professional caregivers in healthcare settings that include nursing homes, assisted living facilities, hospitals, and the home healthcare sector itself. The goal is to use this information to address patient’s conscious and subconscious needs and any problems that arise when interacting with injection systems on a regular basis. Based on these results, user-oriented ideas for solutions can be generated.

Vetter is conducting the Open Innovation Challenge in cooperation with the bwcon Innovation Academy. bwcon GmbH is one of Europe’s leading technology networks, bringing together approximately 600 companies and research establishments.

Vetter Pharma is a German contract manufacturer that has supplied the pharmaceutical industry since 1950.

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