Uzbek manufacturers of veterinary drugs may receive preferential treatment

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Uzbekistan wants to provide preferences to local enterprises manufacturing veterinary drugs, according to a draft decree of the local government.

According to the plan, in the public procurement, Uzbek companies manufacturing veterinary medicines under full or incomplete technological cycle will receive price preferences for 5 years in the amount of 20% of the cost of similar products of foreign manufacturers.

In mid 2017, the President of Uzbekistan established the State Veterinary Committee. It was organized on the basis of the Main State Veterinary Department under the Ministry of Agriculture.

The establishment of this agency addresses several severe problems that have long hindered the dynamic development of livestock farming. For example, it has long been no secret that the Uzbek state veterinary service was lagging far behind the strict modern requirements for preventive livestock health care, and timely and high-quality treatment of livestock.

In addition, there were no practical collaboration with research and higher education institutions in terms of training, retraining, and further training of personnel for the industry. The establishment of the new State Committee is aimed at addressing all these urgent issues.