Titanium Valley resident starts manufacturing of medical devices for neurosurgery

Zibus, a company, launched a production facility to manufacture titanium implants and neurosurgery tools in the Titanium Valley Special Economic Zone (SEZ) located in the Sverdlovsk region. This is the first resident company that began to operate in the special economic zone.

Zibus LLC acquired SEZ resident status in the middle of 2016. It has invested 120.6 million rubles. The expected payback period is 5 years. New production facility in Verkhnyaya Salda will employ 20 people.

Zibus specializes in manufacturing tools and implants for neurosurgical operations that are demanded on the regional and Russian national markets but are currently purchased abroad. In the first stage, the resident began to manufacture three types of products, including trephine burs, osteotomes, and titanium clips (implants for cranioplastics).


According to Victoria Kazakova, Minister of Investment and Development of Sverdlovsk region, the launch of industrial production facility in the Titanium Valley marks a new stage in the development of the project. The fact that Sverdlovsk region has such advanced industrial site significantly increases its investment attractiveness in the Russian and international markets.

“Zibus plant is important not only because it was launched first in the Titanium Valley. It also has great socio-economic importance. This is a 100% import-substituting facility. By 2020, the SEZ resident plans to capture 20% of the Russian market,” she said.