Takeda produced three pilot batches of Actovegin as part of drug labeling project

| By | Drug Marking, Takeda

Three pilot batches of Actovegin in the total amount of more than 40 thousand packages were produced under the drug labeling project involving the application of special 2D code.

The drugs are being labeled in accordance with the priorities of state policy of the Russian Federation, and the main goal of these activities is to protect consumers against counterfeit drugs,” said Galina Penyagina, Director of Investment and Industry Department. “Steady transition to modern forms of regulation will provide significant benefits for pharmaceutical companies in the region and allow to produce modern competitive drugs. Takeda Pharmaceuticals Yaroslavl was one of the first to engage in this process, as it independently set up a production line and acquired necessary modern equipment. The implementation of labeling system will also ensure transparency and development of fair competition in the pharmaceutical market.”

The code allows consumers to read the necessary information about the manufacturer, batch of medicinal product, and date of manufacturing.

Assuring quality and safety of medicines is an absolute priority for the company,” said Andrey Kornienko, Production Director of Takeda Pharmaceuticals Yaroslavl. “We plan to start labeling all medicinal products manufactured at the plant from mid-2019. In addition to the immediate goal of protecting consumers against counterfeit and substandard drugs, the implementation of drug labeling project will improve state monitoring of prices for medicines and enhance the management of consumer product flows.”