Sechenov University develops “the medicine of the future”

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The work to establish Biomedicine Science and Technology Park, a high-tech and knowledge-intensive interdisciplinary cluster, is in full swing. Several new labs, including international ones, are scheduled for opening this year.

The purchase and installation of equipment, which is unique in Russia, will allow to attract scientists from other universities and research centers. Biomedicine Park will accommodate a small vivarium capable of fully meeting the needs of researchers.

Petr Glybochko, Rector of Sechenov University, visited the laboratories of the park to see their equipment and working conditions of employees. He reviewed what was done in 2017, and outlined the prospects for park development in 2018. During this visit, he discussed the issue of using Sechenov University facilities to conduct phase 1 tests of the drug for celiac disease developed at the Institute of Molecular Medicine, one of the research centers in the park.


Biomedicine Science and Technology Park is scheduled for deployment by 2020 as part of 5-100, a development project.

Currently, the park includes the following:

  • 5 research institutes;
  • “Medicine of the Future”, an international school;
  • Technology Commercialization Center;
  • 8 international laboratories;
  • 7 research departments;
  • 5 educational departments;
  • Biobank;
  • Health Management Clinic.

The park has 250 employees, who published 178 papers in 2017. It collaborates with more than 50 partner companies.

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