Scientists from Tomsk developed a safe analog of formalin

| By | R&D, Tomsk State University

Researchers at the Chemical Center of Tomsk State University, together with the Siberian State Medical University and Engineering Chemical Technology Center, have developed a safe analog of formalin.

Formalin is used in medical practice for fixation and processing of biomaterials, storage and preservation of organs. Formalin is cheap and has been used in medicine for a long time. However, it is highly toxic.

Aldofix is a complete analog of traditionally used formaldehyde and alcohol-formol, but is odorless, refers to hazard class 4 (low) and is non-toxic for humans. Like formalin, it can be used for fixation of museum exhibits, transportation of biomaterials, preparation of anatomic pathology specimens for medical students. Aldofix is manufactured by Novochem, a Tomsk-based company.

It is commonly known that tissue and organ specimens are treated with formalin in medical institutions for their transportation and storage. However, the use of formalin requires an equipped room, ventilation, special clothing, and trained personnel. As formalin has a limited storage period, its disposal also requires special procedures. Aldofix has no such shortcomings.

It is worth noting that GreenFix, an Italian analog of the Aldofix, is imported to Russia in very small lots and is noticeably more expensive than the product manufactured in Tomsk.