Russia is ready to supply insulin to Bulgaria

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The time has come to reduce imports from abroad and start establishing contacts with neighbors,” said Ivan Zarubin, acting Trade Representative of the Russian Federation in the Republic of Bulgaria, speaking at the Medicine and Pharmacy 2018, a Bulgarian-Russian business forum held in Sofia on June 13.

We are not satisfied with the figures on the exports of Bulgarian medicinal products to the Russian Federation. Many of our advanced products are not available on the market. Bulgarian pharmaceutical manufacturers want to start manufacturing in the Russian Federation. I hope that such business forums will help to improve situation in the pharmaceutical markets of both countries,” said Ivan Zarubin in his speech.

Currently, Russia fully meets its needs for insulin and even exports it. On the other hand, Bulgaria recently began to face serious problems with insulin availability. Parallel export of drugs which, for some medicines, reached more than 20%, has created serious problems for diabetics. Russia is ready to fill the shortage and start exporting insulin to Bulgaria.

Memorandums of understanding and cooperation agreements were signed during the forum. Both sides expressed hope that, by the end of this year, they would elaborate a plan of specific actions to expand cooperation between the two countries.

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