OBL Pharm meets GMP requirements of the Russian Federation

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In early June 2018, the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade issued to OBL Pharm the Conclusion GMP-0144-000263/18 on compliance with the requirements of the good manufacturing practice (GMP of the Russian Federation).

GMP is the basic industry standard and defines main requirements for the operation of pharmaceutical production facilities to ensure the output of high-quality, safe and effective medicines.

OBL Pharm is a Russian pharmaceutical company engaged in the development, manufacturing, and promotion of modern, high-quality medicinal products.

The company manufactures more than 150 prescription and OTC drugs for main therapeutic areas, including gastroenterology, cardiology, phlebology, pain, insomnia, neurology, male health, and others. Its portfolio includes both innovative products and generic drugs.

Since 2013, OBL Pharm is part of Alvansa Group, the shareholders of which are Gazprombank and UFG Private Equity, an investment fund.