Nativa won a patent dispute with Bristol-Myers Squibb with regard to dasatinib

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The Arbitration Court of the Moscow region decided to fully reject the claims filed by Bristol-Myers Squibb Holdings Ireland against Nativa LLC under the case No. A41-87845/2017.

In October 2017, Bristol-Myers Squibb Holdings Ireland filed a lawsuit against the Russian manufacturer to prevent the threat of patent infringement by imposing an injunction on the introduction of drug into civil circulation. The drug in question was dasatinib-nativ (INN: dasatinib) intended for the treatment of chronic myeloid leukemia.

The Arbitration Court did not find any violation of foreign company’s exclusive rights in the actions of defendant and, as a result, decided to fully reject the claims.

Nativa is involved in litigation on a number of patent disputes with the largest multinational companies. It has already won 6 of them.

The head of the company said that the actions of foreign corporations no longer have such a “crushing” power as in the past.

“National manufacturers have substantially strengthened their positions in Russia. We feel strong assistance and real support from the state,” said Mr. Malin.

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