LakePharma and Harbour Antibodies entered into technology partnership

| By | Biological engineering, Clinical Trials, Drug Development

LakePharma and Harbour Antibodies BV, a Harbour BioMed subsidiary, announced a technology partnership providing LakePharma the right to utilize Harbour Antibodies’ patented, H2L2 transgenic mouse platform in its therapeutic antibody discovery service offerings to clients in pharmaceutical and therapeutic biotechnology companies.

Harbour Antibodies’ patented H2L2 transgenic mice produce classical antibodies (two heavy and two light chain immunoglobulins) with fully human variable regions. In response to antigen challenge, the engineered mice produce in vivo affinity-matured, target-specific human antibodies with low risk for immunogenicity. The H2L2 platform has been used by more than thirty companies and organizations for antibody discovery. To date, two antibodies generated by the platform have entered clinical trials.

LakePharma is the leading US-based biologics company specializing in antibody engineering, antibody discovery, molecular engineering, protein chemistry, bioexpression, biofunction, bioprocessing, bioanalytics and biologics manufacturing services for Phase 1 clinical trials. LakePharma focuses on integrated platforms to support projects throughout the drug discovery process.

Harbour Antibodies is a fully owned subsidiary of Harbour BioMed, a global biopharmaceutical company discovering and developing innovative therapeutics for oncology and immunological diseases. Harbour Antibodies BV was established in 2006 to use transgenic mouse technology developed in the laboratory of Professor Frank Grosveld at Erasmus MC (Rotterdam, the Netherlands) for engineering mice to produce high affinity human antibodies.