Kazakhstan will monitor how pharma companies lobby their interests

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The Ministry of Health of Kazakhstan is preparing a new draft law that will allow to control the pharmaceutical market. This was announced by the Deputy Minister Alexey Tsoi in an interview.

He said that the draft law covers two main areas. The first area involves the regulation of prices in the pharmaceutical market.

In other words, we will establish a corridor of maximum price variation allowed for the companies. This could be approximately up to 50% of the import price, including all costs. Currently, it is 300-400%. In this case, there will be no more questions on whether the vaccines are sold at inflated prices. At this point, we cannot regulate the retail market, which includes private companies, hospitals, and suppliers. We can only appeal for their social responsibility and try to persuade them,” he said.

The second area involves the ethical promotion of medicines. This includes control over the pharmaceutical companies lobbying for their interests.

They are lobbying by posting in social media, by making additional payments to doctors in some cases, so that the doctors prescribe only certain drugs. Now, there will be all sort of administrative liability for this. In that case, we will be able to control situation,” said Mr. Tsoi.

He also added that these measures will rely on public control and NGOs. People will also have the opportunity to complain about inflated prices or misleading advertisement at a special website, so that everyone can check, whether the owner of pharmacy inflated the price.

“I think that, this way, we will slowly eliminate that frenzy,” he said.