Kallyope enters into drug discovery collaboration with Novo Nordisk

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Kallyope Inc. and Novo Nordisk entered into a research collaboration and option agreement to discover novel peptide therapeutics to treat obesity and diabetes.

Kallyope will receive an upfront payment and research support for activities conducted in the collaboration. Under the terms of the agreement, Novo Nordisk has an option to license exclusive worldwide rights to develop and commercialize up to six products discovered in the collaboration. Kallyope will receive a license fee if Novo Nordisk chooses to exercise an option to a therapeutic discovered and validated in the joint research plan and potential research, development, and sales milestones. In addition, Kallyope will receive royalties on worldwide product sales of licensed products.

The gut and the brain are tightly linked via bi-directional communication pathways collectively termed the ‘gut-brain axis’. These include released circulating peptides and metabolites, immune factors, and direct neuronal innervation. The gut-brain axis is involved in many important aspects of physiology and plays a significant role in appetite regulation and energy homoeostasis.

Kallyope has developed an innovative platform to interrogate the gut-brain axis and discover new medicines in multiple therapeutic areas. The platform integrates single-cell sequencing, bioinformatics, functional and anatomical circuit mapping, and organoids. It has enabled the discovery of new biological mechanisms, including multiple potential secreted products from the gut-brain axis that may play a role in metabolism.

Under a joint research plan, Kallyope and Novo Nordisk will collaborate on in vitro and in vivo studies to validate a number of product candidates. Following validation and option exercise, Novo Nordisk will assume responsibility for further preclinical and clinical development, manufacturing, and commercialization.

Kallyope, headquartered in New York, USA, is a platform biotechnology company. Its biotechnology platform uses technologies in the areas of sequencing, bioinformatics, neural imaging, cellular and molecular biology, and human genetics to provide an understanding of gut-brain axis biology.

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