Joint efforts to fight diabetes

| By | Sanofi

A tripartite Memorandum on Strategic Partnership in the Area of Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs) was signed between Sanofi; Health of the Nation League, an All-Russian public organization; and Healthy Cities, Districts and Villages Association.

Under the agreement, the parties decided to improve prevention, research, and control of non-communicable diseases (including through the elaboration of new approaches to remote monitoring of patients and diseases), elaboration and implementation of educational programs for doctors, and implementation of integrated solutions for the treatment of diabetes mellitus, including various services, devices, mobile apps that help patients to better control their condition, enhance the efficacy of treatment, and improve therapy indicators.

“We are pleased to announce that, over the past year of collaboration with the Health of the Nation League, we did a great work to popularize healthy lifestyles in 7 regions of Russia, thereby contributing to the development of national public health system,” said Naira Adamyan, General Director, Sanofi Eurasia. “Under this Memorandum, we are ready to deepen and expand this collaboration by developing digital technology in medicine that helps patients achieve better results in the therapy and more effectively control their disease.”

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