Johnson & Johnson Institute opened a new facility in China

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The Johnson & Johnson Institute, a world leader in professional medical education, announced the opening of its new facility in Beijing. It represents the largest investment in the global relaunch of the Johnson & Johnson institutes and serves as the flagship facility in the Asia-Pacific region.

Johnson & Johnson Medical Devices Companies has been devoted to enhancing the healthcare. Educational centers, formerly known as the Johnson & Johnson Academic Centers, have been contributing to Chinese medical development. Two centers are in Beijing and Shanghai where medical professionals can experience training via broadcasts to remote locations, virtual reality (VR) simulations, surgical simulations and live classes. In 2017, over 14,000 professionals were educated in more than 1,000 sessions. Many of these professionals have become academic leaders at their hospitals.

The Johnson & Johnson Institute also provides well-rounded educational categories ranging from medical products to procedures, techniques, surgical care and team treatment. All the courses are designed and approved by medical authorities, creating a platform for healthcare professionals to learn and eventually become educators or specialists through four stages of learning experiences with influential experts in the field.

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