IQVIA rolls out its Virtual Research Solutions suite

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IQVIA (Danbury, Connecticut, USA)  announced the launch of Virtual Research Solutions, a new suite of technology-led study options offering advances in patient-centric trial design and execution.

Powered by the IQVIA CORE™, Virtual Research Solutions brings together unparalleled information assets, advanced analytics, technologies and critical domain expertise to design and execute trials and late-phase studies with people in mind. It starts with smart, connected devices and remote-monitoring systems that are linked to a dedicated virtual network of investigators and local healthcare providers. The suite of solutions leverages IQVIA’s global resources and expertise in a secure, cloud-based platform designed to help accelerate research with a keen focus on protecting privacy and reducing risk. IQVIA’s Virtual Research Solutions is enabled by a range of complementary applications, including eConsent™ for online enrollment, AppScript™ to support digital patient engagement and the IQVIA Study Hub™, a virtual research technology platform designed to coordinate research and workflows, support patient communications, and seamlessly capture study activity throughout the patient journey.

IQVIA’s investment strategy for accelerating innovation has been to bring together deep scientific expertise and an expanding technology portfolio to disrupt clinical development and real-world evidence generation models through the use of predictive analytic algorithms, artificial intelligence (AI) tools, and an integrated technology architecture. The result is a more human, and more humane, approach to research that can now be designed to proactively address common issues from the beginning while also achieving the two critical objectives of maintaining the scientific rigor required to meet regulatory and compliance requirements, and avoiding costly delays.

IQVIA’s Virtual Research Solutions creates a patient-centric, decentralized alternative to traditional trial design and execution. It addresses those more complex research situations where patients cannot easily get to sites, where long-term safety studies may require years of follow-up, and where research with more patient-centric outcomes can be collected digitally. This set of solutions focuses on two critical areas – Virtual Trials for clinical development and Virtual Studies for real-world evidence outcomes. Unlike other emerging options in the market that are merely tweaking conventional approaches to research, IQVIA’s Virtual Research Solutions suite offers customers a fundamental new way to create and validate protocols leveraging IQVIA’s e360TM technology and scientific experts across numerous therapy areas. These services, including IQVIA’s Centralized Monitoring solution, optimize delivery and reduce the uncertainty of study execution.

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