Global Health Care plans to produce dietary supplements worth 1.5 billion rubles

| By | Dietary Supplements, Global Health Care

The plant of Global Health Care for manufacturing biologically active dietary supplements (BADS) has announced its annual production plan.

Its 4 production lines are designed to manufacture BADS in the form of effervescent tablets, capsules, powders in jars and flow packs. Another 2 production lines, including the facilities for soft gelatin capsules and liquid BADS in drops, are currently under construction. The launch of new production lines is tentatively set for Q3 2018.

The plant of Global Health Care has a capacity of 100 million product packages a year and can compete with the players of contract manufacturing market. Preliminary plan for this year provides for the output of 20 million packs of biologically active dietary supplements worth 1.5 billion rubles.

“Two years ago, we have faced with a contract manufacturing problem, as the plants in Russia and CIS could not meet our needs in terms of output and product quality,” said Anton Lifshitz, CEO and co-owner of Global Health Care. “Expanding the geography of our search (to Europe, China, and Thailand) was not a solution, as the contract manufacturing has the same weaknesses everywhere in the world. In the end, we decided to build our own plant. Initially, we wanted to produce goods to fulfill only our own orders. However, at the test run stage, we received a lot of requests for contract manufacturing quote and now have included first customers in our annual plan. In the future, we expect to increase the output, because the capacity of the plant allows a 5-fold increase of production.”