Crimean University is establishing the Institute of Translational Medicine

| By | Drug Development, R&D

The Crimean Federal University (CFU) is working on establishing the Institute of Translational Medicine to ensure effective collaboration between science and practical health care system, said Professor Anatoly Kubyshkin, Vice-Rector for Science at CFU.

“When creating new medicines, instruments, innovative diagnostic methods, we need to implement them in practice as soon as possible. The existing chain includes fundamental research, preclinical studies, clinical trials, and implementation. Translational medicine is a global trend that facilitates more rapid and effective completion of these stages,” said Mr. Kubyshkin.

Currently, CFU has several scientific laboratories, which will form the basis for the Institute of Translational Medicine. The university is also developing its preclinical and clinical research centers. According to the plans, in the near future, one of the hospitals in Simferopol may become a clinical base for the Crimean Federal University and the main platform for implementing new technologies in health care.

The university already has world-class results in the area of new drug synthesis, development of technology for antisense oligonucleotides to block certain genes during the treatment of diseases, creation of new molecular and genetic products for diagnosing diseases.