AVVA RUS invites for cooperation in the area of contract manufacturing

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AVVA RUS, a well-known Russian company, invites for long-term cooperation and offers contract manufacturing services. The company is ready to help both Russian developers to enter international markets and international companies to localize their products in Russia.

Today, the production site of AVVA RUS includes two separate buildings with facilities manufacturing non-sterile products. One of the buildings is allocated for manufacturing beta-lactam penicillin antibiotics.

In January 2018, AVVA RUS received the GMP EU certificate for medicines for human use, thereby confirming the top quality standard of its products.

Currently, the drugs manufactured by AVVA RUS are available in most CIS countries, and the registration processes for several products (including one beta-lactam antibiotic) are underway in the EU. The company also has considerable experience in performing contract works, as well as in providing regulatory support.

The company is interested in localizing the products of foreign developers and manufacturers at its facilities and offers mutually beneficial high-quality cooperation, including the localization of manufacturing for beta-lactam penicillin antibiotics.

AVVA RUS has been manufacturing its products for more than 20 years. Currently, it has a portfolio of about 50 efficient products, including both generics and original drugs designed by the company.

SOURCE: gmpnews.ru
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