AstraZeneca cut prices for socially important drugs in Russia by 12-92%

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Following a constructive dialog between the Federal Antimonopoly Service and AstraZeneca, the maximum ex-works prices for 11 trade names (8 INNs) of vital and essential drugs have been reduced within a short period of time. This price reduction ranged from 12 to 92 percent.

All 11 medicines are reference drugs intended for the treatment of socially important diseases (respiratory, cancer, and CNS diseases).

AstraZeneca, a biopharmaceutical company, recognizes the significance and social importance of harmonizing the prices for medicines in the Russian Federation and is open to dialog in this priority area of state policy. As quickly as possible, the company took measures to reduce, in accordance with the requirements of the FAS of Russia, the prices for a number of medicines, including those localized at the plant in the Kaluga region. Despite complex manufacturing processes, the company took this step to demonstrate that, above all, it serves the interests of patients.

We are grateful to AstraZeneca for its response to the request of the FAS Russia and reducing, within a short time, the prices for its drugs to the required level, despite the fact that such reduction led to significant changes to its operating activities in Russia. This will allow Russian consumers and the public system to make substantial savings that can be directed towards the health care system,” said the Head of the FAS of Russia Igor Artemyev.