200 million third generation syringes a year will be produced in Lotus SEZ

| By | Medical Devices Manufacturing

A plant for manufacturing third generation reuse-prevention medical syringes will be built in Lotus Special Economic Zone (SEZ) by the end of 2019. Medintech, the investor, will spend more than 700 million rubles on the project, said Ramazan Fayziev, General Director.

The plant is expected to produce 200 million syringes a year. This is exactly the number of such medical devices used in the Southern Federal district.

“Second generation syringes can be used repeatedly, as their plunger rod comes and goes as many times as you want. In third generation devices, it is blocked and just comes off after the first injection. You cannot reuse it. This is what is called the “self-destruction mechanism,” said Mr. Faiziev.

At first, the products will be manufactured from imported materials. But, over time, the plant expects to set up the production of its own materials for bodies of syringes and manufacture injection needles.