Worldwide Clinical Trials and Datavant start cooperation in clinical trials

| By | Clinical Trials

Worldwide Clinical Trials, an award-winning, full-service CRO, and Datavant (San-Francisco, USA), a healthcare technology company focused on securely organizing and linking datasets to support clinical research, partnered to enhance clinical research and drive urgent advances in neurodegenerative diseases.

Initially, the combination of Worldwide’s therapeutic expertise in neurodegenerative diseases and clinical trials regimen and Datavant’s focus on organizing and structuring healthcare data will set the foundation for a collaboration that addresses:

  • Understanding why clinical trials in neurodegenerative diseases fail;
  • The impact of real-world evidence and big data to improve clinical trial conduct; and
  • Opportunities to exploit digital technology for prolonged and extended trial monitoring.

The experts at Worldwide have been on the front lines of neurodegenerative disease research since the advent of cholinesterase inhibitors in the late 1970s and bring a deep appreciation of the pathophysiological mechanisms, innovative clinical trial designs and operations rigor needed to move the industry forward.

Datavant brings an ability to link traditional real-world medical data from electronic health records (EHRs), claims, genomics and diagnostics, for example, with emerging non-traditional sources, such as socioeconomic data, wearables/devices, behavioral data and more. Datavant’s software facilitates the creation of a holistic view of anonymous datasets, combining multiple data layers into a single de-identified dataset to help answer questions that were previously infeasible to address.

The strategic collaboration between the companies is designed to:

  • Deliver an uncommon combination of integrated clinical trial data with real-world datasets for better insights that will drive improvements in existing protocol, strategies and methods, which could provide answers to transforming success in neurodegenerative disease clinical trials.
  • Address the obstacles clinical trials currently face, such as slow recruitment, low patient engagement, inflexible design, suboptimal use of real-world evidence (RWE) and limited observations. As a result, the partnership will further enhance clinical trials methodologies and algorithms.

Initially, the companies will collaborate to design a high-profile pilot study to marry traditional clinical operations with external data assets. The intent is to explore opportunities to enhance trial monitoring through focusing on patient compliance, adherence and overall enrollment feasibility.

Worldwide Clinical Trials is the first customer-centric CRO founded by physicians and dedicated to advancing medical science. The company employs more than 1,600 professionals around the world, with offices in North and South America, Eastern and Western Europe, Russia, and Asia.