VERTEX is building the second stage of its pharmaceutical facility

VERTEX, a pharmaceutical company, is engaged in the construction of a laboratory and warehouse building, the second stage of its innovation and production facility on Novoorlovskaya site in St. Petersburg Special Economic Zone (SEZ). Investments in the project are expected to reach 240 million rubles, and another estimated 90 million rubles will be required for fittings and equipment.

The completion of works and commissioning of the facility are scheduled for 2019. Total investments of VERTEX JSC in St. Petersburg SEZ, including the construction and operation of the first stage of pharmaceutical plant opened in 2015, will be more than 4.4 billion rubles.

The second stage of the innovation and production facility is a four-storey building with a technical floor and a total area of more than 7000 square meters. It will accommodate research laboratories and high-bay warehouse of finished products, as well as the administrative and office block. The total capacity of laboratories will be up to 720 studies a year. The warehouse capacity will be more than 11,000 pallets.

“The construction of the second stage is determined by the growing needs of the company. Therefore, it is necessary to expand the laboratories in accordance with the development of product portfolio, increased output, and create additional product storage areas, said Georgy Pobelyansky, General Director of VERTEX. “In 2017, the company’s output increased by about 30%, and we should be ready for further positive dynamics.”

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