Synpromics entered a biopharmaceutical partnership with Lonza

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Synpromics Ltd, the leader in gene control, announced a partnership with Lonza Pharma & Biotech to further develop its inducible promoter system and improve manufacturing of biopharmaceuticals.

The 18-month project has been made possible through the award of a £235,000 (approximately 265,000) grant, part of the medicines manufacturing competition from Innovate UK.

One of the current challenges in the biotech industry is the production of certain biological drugs that can be toxic to host producer cell lines, thereby inhibiting bioproduction. To overcome this challenge, Synpromics has employed its proprietary technology to develop new synthetic inducible/repressible cell-systems that are driven by non-toxic physiological or chemical stimulus, making them ideal for improving productivity and minimising costs during bioproduction.

The new systems demonstrate exquisite control of gene expression and offer significant advantages over currently available systems as they are small, can be driven from one plasmid, can incorporate multiple expression cassettes and offer fine-tuning of gene expression.

Synpromics (Edinburgh, UK) operates in a diverse range of fields, including broad applications in cell and gene based medicine, biologics manufacturing and viral vector bioprocessing. Current partners include Audentes, Biomarin, uniQure, AGTC, Solid Bio, Homology Medicines Inc, Adverum, GE Healthcare and Sartorius-Stedim Cellca, as well as numerous undisclosed partners in the pharmaceutical sector.

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