Stage I of medical devices facility construction is completed in Volgograd region

Razvitie, a company, is constructing a facility to manufacture vacuum containers for venous blood collection in the city of Volzhsky.

This investment project worth 300 million rubles received support from the region in the form of tax benefits under the investment agreement signed between the administration of the Volgograd region and the investor. New plant is scheduled to open before the end of 2018.

According to the Committee of Industry and Trade of the Volgograd region, once the enterprise reaches its design capacity, it will produce 72 million medical devices a year. The project will allow to create 40 highly productive jobs.

The first stage of investment project has been already completed, including the production shop building and clean rooms for manufacturing sterile medical disposable products. Currently, the construction is in its second stage with ongoing preparation works for installing the equipment.

According to the agreement concluded with the region, the company will get property tax benefits and reduced income tax rate. The products are expected to be supplied to consumers in Russia and CIS, and the investor plans to participate in public and municipal procurement procedures to provide socially important products to medical institutions.