Sergey Tsyb: It’s important to support drug developers at the initial stage

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The Russian government is actively discussing its Pharma 2030 program, which is primarily focused on the tools to support the development of new Russian-made medicines. This was announced by the Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade Sergey Tsyb on May 15 at the Russian Pharmaceutical Forum in St. Petersburg.

He reminded that the program will promote the development in three areas, including new drugs, exports, and biomedical cell products.

“We have many discussions about a toolkit to support pre-clinical and clinical studies, and scientific research. The initial stages usually pose a great risk for businesses. Therefore, it is important to support entrepreneurs at the beginning,” said Sergey Tsyb.

Vikram Punia, President of Pharmasyntez, has noted that Russian scientists are quite capable to develop a new molecule. But the main thing is to bring a new medicine to the market and pharmacies. Russia still has issues in this area. Only powerful players can launch a new drug in the market. These are companies with annual turnover of at least a billion US dollars.

“Indeed, we have to grow our own national champions,” said Sergey Tsyb.

Overall, the pharmaceutical community is optimistic about the future. According to Vikram Punia, in ten years, Russian pharmaceutical industry will be able to capture 40-50% of the market. The participants of the discussion noted that it’s not only necessary to support the pharmaceutical manufacturing, but also to pivot towards the patients. The fact that much is being said today about investing in human capital gives hope that this will really happen.