Sanctions will not be imposed on medicines that are not manufactured in Russia

| By | Drug Import, Pharmaceutical Industry

Counter-sanctions against the United States should not affect the medicines that are not manufactured in Russia, said the acting Russian Minister of Industry Denis Manturov.

“We should take decisions on the range of products that we produce in sufficient quantities. Why would we take today any decisions on medicines that are not manufactured in our country? Maybe, we’ll do it tomorrow or the day after. Why would we close this opportunity today? We wouldn’t,” said Mr. Manturov.

The Minister gave an example of gas turbine units for small-scale power generation or for gas and oil pumping transfer.

“We have our own products, why we would buy the foreign ones?” he said.

At the same time, Mr. Manturov is convinced that the decision on counter-sanctions against the United States should not be based on emotions, but rather on economic expediency.

“For us, it is important not to base the decisions on emotions, but to make the decisions and select points very carefully, just like this is done by our colleagues from America. After all, they are not just making some ambitious decisions, but take economic decisions,” said Mr. Manturov.

He stressed that the most important thing is to prevent severe damage to the Russian industry from counter-sanctions.

“We must not allow this to happen. This is the most important thing,” said Mr. Manturov in response to the question on whether the counter-sanctions would cause more harm to Russia than to the United States.