POZIS began to supply medical equipment to India

| By | Rostec

POZIS, a company that is part of Techmash concern of Rostec Corporation, for the first time shipped medical equipment to India. The company provided modern decontamination devices to one of the largest medical centers in Delhi.

Under the contract, POZIS supplied modern bactericidal irradiators and recirculators to the medical center. These devices are used to clean and disinfect the air in the premises. Their efficacy reaches 99.9%. The device is completely safe for people, because the ultraviolet radiation is emitted by environmentally friendly ultraviolet lamps with low mercury content.

“Russia and India have extensive experience of bilateral cooperation in the industrial sphere. Currently, the countries are implementing more than 200 joint projects under Make in India program, which is focused primarily on the military technical area. Therefore, this contract is an important step in expanding our collaboration with India in the civilian field. In addition, it addresses a strategic objective of Rostec Corporation that is manufacturing diversification and raising the share of civilian products up to 50% of sales by 2025,” said Oleg Yevtushenko, Executive Director of Rostec Corporation.

POZIS manufactures bactericidal irradiators and recirculators since 2012. Their uniqueness is based on the ability of small-sized devices to ensure high rates of bactericidal efficiency.