Pharmoslavl will be able to produce over 30 tons of pharma substances a year

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A key strategic objective of Russian drug manufacturers is to start production of their own substances. One of the most successful full-cycle sites operates in the Yaroslavl region.

This new research and manufacturing facility for the development and production of pharmaceutical substances scheduled for launch in the summer of 2018 will be called “Pharmoslavl.” Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade believes that it will open a new stage in the development of domestic pharmaceutical industry by establishing full-cycle manufacturing, including high-tech raw materials for the Russian market.

“At the heart of manufacturing program are the substances that are not yet produced in Russia and are required for the treatment of socially important diseases, such as oncological, hematological, rheumatic diseases, diabetes mellitus, viral hepatitis, HIV infection, etc.,” as it was announced by the press service of the Ministry.

The estimated capacity of the plant in the first year after its launch will be more than 30 tons of active pharmaceutical substances, said Anastasia Batrak, Vice President for Strategic Marketing of R-Pharm Group. She added that the company intends to get the approval of the site by international inspectors of FDA and EMA and, thereby, open for Russian-made substances the way to international markets.

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