Kazakhstan will implement mechanisms to regulate drug prices

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The mechanisms that will allow to regulate the prices of medicinal products in wholesale and retail trade will be introduced in accordance with the order of the President of Kazakhstan aimed at increasing the economic availability of medicines for the public.

These mechanisms took into account the international experience in the regulation of drug prices in OECD and EAEU. After the implementation of price regulation mechanisms, the information on maximum wholesale and retail prices will be available on the Internet resources of the Ministry of Health and in the State Register of Registered Medicines and Medical Devices. The feedback from the population about the facts of overpricing is expected to be received through a mobile app, which is being specifically developed for the public.

To ensure the quality and safety of medicinal products and medical devices, the draft law provides for the implementation of international standards of good pharmaceutical practices for manufacturers and distributors from January 2018; and for the retail chains, from January 2023. The incentives for early implementation of good pharmaceutical practices will be established in the form of preferences for certificate holders in the procurement of medicinal products under the system of guaranteed free medical care. The measures also provide for strengthening the system of post-registration control (pharmacovigilance) of medicines and monitoring the safety of medical devices, which will require the medical organizations and pharmaceutical companies to provide information on side effects of medicinal products and medical devices.