GENERIUM may start exporting Diaskintest to Iran in the near future

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In late April 2018, the Iranian Ministry of Health held an extended meeting of the national technical committee on TB diagnosis and treatment. The goal of the meeting was to discuss the prospects for including Diaskintest, a Russian innovative product, in the state programs of TB diagnosis in Iran.

The Russian delegation presented the results of long-term clinical use of Diaskintest in Russia and CIS. Earlier, the parties agreed on strategic cooperation in the exports of Russian biotech products manufactured by GENERIUM for TB diagnosis and treatment of rare diseases, as well as on the gradual transfer of their manufacturing technologies to the Islamic Republic of Iran.

“This is our third visit to Tehran in the past six months, and we achieved serious progress in establishing the supplies of drugs manufactured by GENERIUM to Iran. Today, we present the results of long-term experience of the drug use that are based on unprecedented statistics of more than 40 million tests,” said Professor D.A. Kudlay, General Director of GENERIUM JSC.

In the near future, GENERIUM plans to start exporting Diaskintest to the Islamic Republic of Iran for its use as one of the main methods for diagnosis of latent and active forms of tuberculosis.